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Ball package 10 x Brillant APS Socca 2023 including ball pump and ball bag

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football specifications

Ball package including:

  • 10 x Brillant APS Socca 2023 Official Socca World Cup 2023 match ball. Hand-stitched. FIFA QUALITY PRO.
  • 1 x ball pump with air pressure gauge
  • 1 x ball bag for 10 balls

CONSTRUCTION: Optimal aerodynamic characteristics and lasting roundness through the construction from 32 panels.

PRODUCTION: Hand-sewn to ensure flexibility and durable seams.

MATERIAL: Dull high-tech PU microfiber of outstanding quality with diamond structure on entire material surface. Extreme white panels ensure a very good visibility, especially in LED lighting.

BLADDER: Zero-wing bladder made of natural latex for an optimal round shape and lively bounce.


  • Extremely soft ball contact.
  • Precise flight behavior and lively bounce.
  • Optimal, lasting roundness and particularly durable.

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