Bundesliga Brillant Replica

STYLE NO.: 162008

VERSION: 2022/23

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Leisure ball. Dual bonded. Material: PU with diamond structure. Soft ball contact. Perfect for leisure needs. SR bubble. Official Replica of the Bundesliga Brillant APS 2022/23.

Size: 5
Colour: White
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Bundesliga Brillant Replica

Product details

Official replica of the Bundesliga Brillant APS High Visible. Dual Bonded. IMS-APPROVED.

The eye-catching design, which was designed this year along the "Fans" theme, uses numerous colors to represent the diversity of the clubs in the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga and at the same time is intended to emphasize the diversity of the fans. The silhouettes of fans with scarves and flags represent the passion with which the fans fill the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga stadiums week after week.

Dual Bonded Ball

3 Star

FIFA Basic

Diamond Structure

32 Panels

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